We serve veterans & promote eco-friendly living.


Veterans Off-Grid is restoring a sense of purpose, community, sustainability, and peace to veterans in need. A cold reality is there are 22 veterans taking their own lives every day equaling over 8,000 veterans per year. Tragically, more than 70,000 veterans do not have a pillow to lay their head on each night. We view homelessness as rational decision-making during punishing distress; they’re still striving to make a footprint in the world. These veterans have dreams and ambitions but with added difficulties. We’re offering veterans a place to heal holistically in a sustaining eco-friendly community, so they may reintegrate with society.

We are an off the grid community living in Earthship-inspired homes thriving without utility bills, mortgages, and roaring bureaucracy. We enjoy the quiet bliss of the Rocky Mountains along the Rio Grande and strive to minimize our impact to the environment.

Our goals are to provide housing, a sense of belonging, a sense of purpose via 35 hours of volunteer work each month per veteran, impart financial literacy, and instill accountability and mentorship. To learn more about our goals and process for rehabilitation, please click here.



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